Crematogaster Scutellaris

Here we have our Crematogaster Scutellaris colony. We are very attached to this colony who we have raised from a single queen. She arrived with a nice batch of eggs, larvae and some pupae.

If you look closely (below) you can see the tiny black dots on the pupae which are actually the eyes of the ants. At this point we were very close to hatching the first workers. Within a week or so we were proud and excited to announce the arrival of new workers.

In the picture below you can see the newly enclosed (newly hatched) worker with a lighter coloured head. The ant exoskeleton hasn’t yet fully formed like her siblings surrounding her. Within a day or so she will be fully formed and carrying out her worker duties This is the set up we currently have for our Crematogaster Scutellaris colony.

They are living within this cylinder formicarium with a foraging area, size 230mm x 230mm. This will last them for some time. We created this bespoke nest out of a tree log which they absolutely love. They are currently thriving in this set up, where in just 1 year this colony has grown to around 100 workers and counting.

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