Introducing our Exclusive MultiTier Series

This is a fresh and unique design that is a perfect companion to the ant keeping hobby.

Every nest is made with natural materials which gives the perfect living conditions for your colony. We use high grade spalted beech for all our MultiTier products. We use high precision equipment to ensure every nest meets our high quality standards and provides a great living space for your colony.

With our MultiTier Series, our goal was to provide budding ant keepers with a unique, fresh design that looks great as a décor feature as well as being a space saving solution. 

The MultiTier Series allows you to expand vertically (Watch our nest expansion tutorial) which makes it space saving. With the unique pivoting function, you can gain access to each tier easily, as well as allowing you to put the chambers into darkness when needed.

Expanding the MultiTier Series could not be easier with our custom made expansion kits. This will allow you to expand your nest to as many tiers as and when you need to.

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